I've decided I need a blog change. The blog has been accidentallykle for a very long time now. I no longer feel like "kle", I've grown and changed since the word was created. The blog is more about my children now and our life as a family and I feel I need something that represents that.

You might remember the blog I'd set up for Emily way back, The Pretty Walrus? Well that name still seems to fit pretty well, having been coined by Emily herself. So I have decided to adopt that name for the main blog. I know this might all be confusing, and I apologise. But I do want to keep blogging and I feel "unable" to do it as accidentallykle any longer. kle has done her time. It's time to move on.

So please bear with me for a while until everything is sorted out. There shouldn't really be any interruptions to the blog itself as I just plan to redirect the current URL to a new one and change the layout. The main change will be the Facebook page, because Facebook has this daft rule that pages with over 200 likes cannot change their name, and accidentallykle's has 262. So there is a new page being set up to avoid confusion and I will need followers to like that new page if they would like to keep following.

Thank you for bearing with me.

PS This might make it a bit easier:

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