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Guest Post: Mood Boards

Summer is almost over, the first September storm has hit, we are preparing for Emily to start school, swimming has slowed down, the weather has cooled slightly and has us talking about possibly enjoying other outdoor activities, and on top of it all we are this month eagerly anticipating the arrival of furniture for two key rooms in the house. At last! So in honour of that, we have a guest post about home decorating. I hope you enjoy it!

Hi! I am Jessica Christian and I am a design fanatic by birth. I want to thank Clare for letting me do this post. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Mood Boards to Spice up Bedrooms

I think I could decorate and redecorate over and over again every week. Every day even! It helps me relax and look at my home with new eyes, newly appreciative of what I have. My family encourages me in my frequent attempts to spice up our living space with new items I either find fairly cheap on sales, or with objects that I make using a combination of found items in our own house (it’s a never-ending source of surprising finds). 

Most of the time I’d either make new stuff like pillowcases, lamps, vases and collages for the walls, but when tight with time, I could just rearrange some furniture and feel pretty happy with that. The way our home kept surprising us with fresh, new looks was worth all the work and time spent on home decoration projects.

A New Home Decoration Hobby

Recently I discovered mood boards. A mood board is a collage of ideas that interior designers use to brainstorm how they want a certain room or house decorated. Not that I’m flattering myself with being anything close to a real interior designer, but mood boards are a fabulous way to put ideas on paper/cardboard before moving on to an actual realization of a project. This is a mood board:

There are several ways to do a mood board. First, you can do it in some program on a computer, or you can do it the old-fashioned way: by clipping photos from magazines, newspapers or by using anything you want to glue it to an actual paper or cardboard. 

The other important thing when making a mood board is figuring out what you want to focus on. 
Do you want your whole bedroom redecorated? Are you only interested in a new bed and types of beds or mattresses? Do you have a very narrow interest, for example, linen on sale from a particular vendor, like

You can make mood boards even without a specific focus, as brainstorming exercise that will help you figure out what you want to change in your home. 

Bedroom Ideas That Inspire

I was looking to spice up my bedroom recently, but I didn’t have a clue what I really wanted. I got online, surfed Pinterest and home decoration blogs, dwelled on beautiful photos of luxurious homes and I found many neat ideas. 

Mood boards can give you a quick overview of what might look good in your bedroom, and what wouldn’t work. For example, I really wanted to change my bedding, curtains and rug, but sometimes you can’t envision the whole thing without putting it “on paper”, or, in this case, on a mood board. 

Also, I love small items that contribute to creating a warm, cosy atmosphere in a home, like knitted baskets, dried flowers in a hand-crafted vase, etc. Sometimes for the knitting baskets, I take help from

I also like rearranging furniture on a page in a realistic way, so that I’d get a picture what it will really look like and see if I like it before I get to work.

Mood boards are a great way to cut on expenses and save some decoration time, because they help you plan out really well. But who am I kidding? I love mood boards because they help relax like no massage ever could!

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