The Plan for Adam's Room

There's been plenty of talk of a new room for Emily, but what about Adam's room? He finally gets a room of his own in the new house and I've been having a blast designing it. It's a very small room in comparison to Emily's (something David is very much not pleased about), but I think we're on the right track with the design. Here's the idea...

He's getting some recycled items. His curtains will be our Rochester living room curtains (colour on the left). I love them and they're perfect for this room. And do you remember Emily's cot and bookcase from her old room in England? I think it all comes together really nicely.

Tidy Books Bookcase
Nautical Bunting
Life Buoy
Toy Basket
Wall Stickers
Armchair and cushion
Sleigh Cotbed
Puffer Fish Bookends

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