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Naming Squiggle

I received a press release about baby names the other day. Apparently, these were the top twenty UK baby names for 2012, according to

Ethan, Eva, Leo, Dylan, Jacob, Oliver, Noah, Ella, Alfie, Amelia,
Mia, Isla, Max, Charlie, Alice, Joshua, Jack, Oscar, Isabella, Imogen

Colour me relieved to see Emily didn't make an appearance in there this year, after being 5th in 2011. FIFTH! I don't regret calling her Emily at all, but I know she'll complain about being one of so many down the line. Then again, she'd have complained had I named her Philomena too (no it was never an option) so I guess I could point that out to her when she does. 

We have settled on a name for Squiggle. Want to know what it is?

Did you catch it? :) It's not a common name in the UK, but it's listed in this popular baby names in Malta list (which is, admittedly, quite long). Still, I don't think it should be a huge issue. 

While looking up that last link, I came across this... Names from Malta. It made me giggle. I can appreciate that some of those "names" may sound beautiful to a foreigner, but fellow Maltese... can you imagine naming your child Addolorata, Marsa or Xewqa?!

[Edit Jan 2013: I don't mean to be difficult, but the name has since changed. It will be announced once he's born ;)]


  1. I got it I got it hehe good choice :)

  2. Oooh I think I caught it... Lovely name ;-)

  3. I thought I had it but then didn't see it on the list. This is an awesome post though. Great idea of how to announce it! :)

    1. did you work it out eventually though? thanks ;) x

    2. I wasn’t sure, either! At first I thought I heard her say Ġuzè… looking at the page, perhaps it’s Julian?

    3. Let's just say this... it was never going to be a purely Maltese name!!!

  4. I think I got it too :) Heh as for the Maltese names - Kalkara?!? Having said that, A had a patient of his here in England called Mellieha Bay :)

  5. Oh the cuteness! I love baby brother's name, as I already told you and I'm impressed by Emily's perfect pronunciation of it!

    1. Thank you! Yes she had no trouble with it at all, quite impressed! x


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