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Welcome to The Pretty Walrus (read the Hello page for an explanation on the name). I am Clare, married to David, and mother to Emily and Adam. The Pretty Walrus follows our journey from the UK to Malta to Dubai, and all our adventures along the way. Enjoy your stay!

Leaving, And Then Arriving

Well hello.


I don't know where to start really.

We did it. We moved. It was hard leaving England. Really hard. There were goodbyes to be said. Difficult, heartwrenching goodbyes. There were tears (many tears), long embraces and promises made.

The packers turned my perfectly organised life upside down. They combined things in boxes that should never have been put together. More tears. They packed Emily's dummy. Lord only knows where that ended up. I am not looking forward to unpacking. When our things arrive, I may just bury my head in the sand.

Then the house was empty. It was hollow and sad. Emily was confused, she hated the boxes and especially hated the fact that her toys kept disappearing. I couldn't walk into the living room without tears threatening again. I guess that's where we really did all our "living" - memories of us moving in, building furniture on that first Christmas Eve in the house, preparing for our wedding, opening wedding gifts, Emily as a newborn, Emily growing up, it all happened in there. Everyone says the memories stay with you, which is true - they do, but saying goodbye to those walls still slightly killed me.

We lasted for a day with nothing much in the house. Emily slept in a borrowed travel cot in our old room, we slept on the futon in the spare room.

And then it was time to leave. Ouch.

This was our final glimpse of the house as we closed the door. More tears.

The further away from Rochester the taxi got, the easier it became to breathe. That evening, the British sun bid us a beautiful sunset farewell and every minute that passed, it all got a little bit easier.

Arriving in Malta wasn't without it's potential disasters. A suitcase missing upon arrival - especially when you're moving country and have therefore packed all your essentials (in this case, David's suits, shirts, shoes for work on Monday) - is not a welcome anyone wants. Luckily however, it was returned a few hours later (someone had picked it up by mistake) and disaster was averted. We could finally relax and that was when it truly felt like we had arrived.

So, you ask, how are we settling in? It's going well - very, very well. I'd say we've settled far quicker than we could ever have imagined. Emily, despite initially being a bit confused as to why Daddy would go to work when we're in Malta, has adapted amazingly. She loves having so many people around her, loves the attention, loves being able to have Daddy read her stories and put her to bed at night. We are all happier, more relaxed, and generally I think we already know we made the right decision in moving back.

Pregnancy-wise, Baby Boy has a new name (which I'm not divulging until he's born this time), he is head down and looking like he may be a big bundle. We have a scan booked to finally find out whether my placenta has moved out of the way or not, have registered with the hospital and are beginning to feel like we understand the Maltese health system a little bit more! Time will tell.

(30+3 bump!)

So there you have it - a very quick recap of what's been keeping me away from you lovely people. I will update again tomorrow with some more pictures to make you all jealous of the weather we've been greeted with (I've never been so glad to have avoided English snow in my life!!!) xx


  1. Well hello :) Glad to hear everything's going great for you all! Love your bump pic - I think you look slimmer (apart from the bump of course) than when you were expecting Emily - judging from pics only of course! I have this theory going on that pregnant women expecting girls are a hundred-fold bigger than those expecting boys, and it seems true! Ah, you know we're all curious about the name now, don't you??

    1. teehee I know :P

      I am definitely slimmer - and have lost more weight over the last two weeks. I am currently TWO dress sizes smaller than I was when pregnant with Emily. My brand new jeans are falling off me which is irritating so I have mixed feelings about it lol. I do think though that it will be easier to get back into shape afterwards this time. Yay!

    2. One of the links of Link Within was the post called 'Single Digits' and coincidentally there's a photo with you pregnant with Emily and the difference is quite amazing. I guess having a girl adds extra female hormones, which, as we all know, are weight-gainers. So maybe Baby Boy's testosterone is keeping it all in check :) The important thing is that you're both healthy at the end of the day. Your floor looks very similar to ours; I wonder if the entire complex has the same floors. Can't wait to change it, personally! hehe!

    3. Wow Gi, you made me go look at that post and the difference is HUGE (excuse the pun lol).

      Re the tiles... lol, yeah I'd think they used the same ones throughout. Very shiny aren't they?! ;) x

  2. Glad you are settling and things are going a bit smoother than you expected.

  3. You have been a very busy girl! You look wonderful! Good luck in your new home!

    1. Thank you! Few more moves yet this year, but biggest one is thankfully out of the way!

  4. 1. You look amazing! 2. Can I still call him Julian for now? 3. I'm so happy it's all going well! 4. I hope against hope I'll see you soon (fingers crossed Robin's runny nose dries up quickly).

    1. Thank you and LOL.... you can call him AJ, those are his initials, so that's all I'll say ;) Really hope to see you this weekend but if not, let's plan a playdate soon!!! x

  5. Welcome to your new home! Hope everything turns up in the end :)

    And you look lovely!

    1. Thank you and thank you..... shhh, of course it will! :D

  6. Good luck Kle! You look awesome. :)


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