Staying Healthy

It's been a manic few days. And to top it all off, I've been unwell - fever, flu symptoms, dehydration, exhaustion. I'm not entirely sure what it all was, but suffice it to say it was no fun and I was in no position to take care of Emily, making me all the more grateful to have my mother and David around to take care of both me and the baby!

I had a visit from my Health Visitor on Monday, who in not so many words "told me off" for not taking care of myself. She was more than right to do so. My idea of breakfast since Emily arrived has been a coffee and two biscuits, which will keep me going until 2pm when I might (if I'm lucky) remember to eat something you might consider a light snack (eg a slice of pitta bread with cheese), and then be too exhausted by dinner-time to actually even contemplate eating anything.

Let's face it, not very healthy. It's not exactly surprising I got sick. She advised me to have a cereal (like Weetabix, which I love) and orange juice for breakfast from now on. Cereal because of the iron it contains, orange juice because it helps the body absorb the iron.

I intend to make more of an effort from here on. Having said that, I know I'm not the only new mother having "time to eat" problems. We tend to focus all our energy on the new arrival and completely forget about ourselves. Gone are the days when we can plan lavish meals that take up hours of our day. The trick, realistically speaking, is to stock up on healthy snacks that keep us going. And remember to eat them.

So here's to that. Yet another aspect of this journey I've embarked on. Any tips are, as always, welcome! :)


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