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Welcome to The Pretty Walrus (read the Hello page for an explanation on the name). I am Clare, married to David, and mother to Emily and Adam. The Pretty Walrus follows our journey from the UK to Malta to Dubai, and all our adventures along the way. Enjoy your stay!

This Valentine's Day is a very different one. There are no indoor picnics being planned, probably not much time at all for David and myself to spend together (he's officially returned to work after 2 weeks of paternity leave today!), but it's such a special one because it's our first Valentine's Day as a family. I have the two people I love most in the world around me, my mother is on her way over tomorrow for some moral support and general assistance, I have some great friends who make life so much happier... I need nothing else this moment in time ♥



  1. Sounds like you've got a lot of love in your life and that's what today is all about! Happy Love Day to you!

  2. Thank you darling, and I hope yours was lovely too! x


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