Welcoming the Owl Family

Just a little note to mark the arrival of the new accidentally, kle layout!

I'd initially planned this to go live once the baby arrives, but it has occurred to me that it will probably be one of the last things I'll have time for once Emily is around (!!), so - in anticipation - I give you, the all new "owl family" layout!

Personally, I am in love with it! Your thoughts? :)

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<center><a href="http://accidentallykle.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y13/ayumi822/accidentallyklebanner.jpg" /></a></center>


  1. cuteness! And it goes really well with the gift I got you that I have yet to post. I'm a bad friend!

  2. I love owls and your illustrations are amazing!

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Oh I can't take credit for the illustration! (Wish I could!!) It's from dreamstime.com

    So glad you all like it!

  4. I think they are very cute inedded, love the colours

  5. I really like the new profile owls!!

  6. Great font..We use that typeface for the kids at work as it is easier for them to read sans fonts.Also the colours you used are very inkeeping with the whole maternity theme.

  7. Wow, I hadn't even noticed that!! (the colours) - you're so right! I'm becoming entirely predictable haha!

  8. I LOVE the owl thing - it's so adorable yet fun :D
    And thanks so much for listing me in your blog roll, once I set one up you will be there for sure! *hug*