Trash the Dress

I've recently found the perfect place to store my wedding dress. 'Where' is not the point here. The point is that it's stored away, perfectly clean, perfectly intact, probably never to be worn again. And this pains me a little. If only I could do up all the buttons myself, I'd be slipping into it and prancing around the house at any given opportunity. Instead I sneak little longing looks at it.

So much thought and energy is put into finding the perfect dress. I found mine pretty early on - I then had to wait months to wear it! And when I did, it was all over in a matter of hours. (For the purpose of this post, we will ignore the fact that I spent most of those hours swearing at the damn thing because my underskirt kept slipping down and was undoubtedly conspiring to have me flat on my face at my own wedding...). The point is, it was such a beautiful dress... and now it just sits there in the dark. All alone and with no purpose.


Before the wedding, I'd read about trashing the dress and loved some of the pictures produced. Hubby disapproved quite strongly, so I didn't push the subject ;) While it didn't cost £100,000, my dress wasn't cheap so I do understand where he's coming from.

But, like the forbidden fruit that it is, I keep wondering what the photos would have looked like... *sigh*... so pretty!


...Having said all that, this is going a touch too far, don't you think?

Credits for the above pictures (and to see more):
Why trash the dress?
Lauren - trash the dress session
Trash the Dress - Newport Beach Style
Trash the Dress by Stone Blue Productions
Blue Olive Photography
E! Entertainment segment on Trash the Dress

longingly, cgw


Remember to breathe,
And everything will be okay.

[Dashboard Confessionals]


Sometimes, I forget to breathe.

February Spotlight


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Is it Spring yet?

The weather's miserable, I'm unmotivated and after yesterday's sunshine teaser, I only want more.

As much as I love it, Winter has gone on long enough now and it's so last season. I want Spring, and I want it now. And in an attempt to bring it just that little bit closer, I've kept my head down and specifically not looked out the window (ugh), and let myself have a half hour of maxi dress dreams.

In my opinion, maxi dresses (and 'floaty' dresses in general) scream Spring. I own a couple myself, but no matter what they're always too long for my 5'4"ness, and if I ever dreamt of wearing them with flat sandals, I'd quickly find myself flat on the floor on my face. So big chunky heels it is, which isn't a problem at all if I'm honest. If I could wear beautiful flowing dresses all year round, I would. But if only I was a little bit taller!

I've randomly selected a few dresses that stood out during my wander around the internet just now. Big bold colours seems to be the theme... and oh how I love paisley and ethnic patterns!

1. (above) Firetrap Printed Jersey Maxi Dress £75 (Next)
2. (below) Babushka Maxi Dress £120 (Monsoon)
3. Just Cavalli Paisley-print maxi dress $497.50 (The Outnet)
4. TIBI Palm Beach silk gown £435 (Net-a-Porter)


5. Eucalyptus Printed Maxi Dress £38 (ASOS)
6. DIANE von FURSTENBERG Asti Jersey Jacquard Maxi Dress $695 (Bloomingdales)
7. Hale Bob Printed Maxi Dress $258 (Bloomingdales)


(model in 7: mad about something?!)

Not that it's really an issue but I think my favourites are #1 and #3, and I really love the neckline of #5. Thoughts?

dreaming of spring, cgw


The other day, we got me a luverly new pillow. Random, I know, but hear me out. The pillow I had before wasn't supportive enough and was giving me neckaches. So we walked into one of the bedding stores and straight up to the pillow stands. And, while I poked each and every pillow (until I leapt back in shock at the price of some of them), I realised something funny. When I lived in Malta, I always slept on my tummy or on my side. But for the last few years, I've slept mostly on my back, until a few weeks ago when I randomly started sleeping on my tummy and side again.

It got me thinking: is my sleeping position telling me something? So, donning a virtual cap and pipe, I investigated...

A study was carried out which suggested a correlation between six common sleeping positions and the personality traits of the sleepers themselves:

Fetal Position (41%) Curled up on your side, holding the pillow. This is the most common sleeping position, adopted by 41% of the 1,000 people who took part in the survey. The personality of these sleepers tends to be shy and sensitive, though they may present a tough exterior to the world.

Soldier Position (8%) Flat on your back with arms at your sides. Indicates a quiet and reserved personality who sets high standards.

Starfish Position (5%) Lying on your back with arms and legs outstretched. Indicates a good listener who makes friends easily, but prefers not to be the center of attention.

Freefall Position (7%) Flat on your stomach with arms at the head or ears. Indicates a brash and gregarious exterior who may inwardly be nervous and sensitive to criticism.

Log Position (15%) On your side with legs outstretched and arms at your sides. Indicates a social, easygoing personality.

Yearner Position (13%) Similar to the log, but with arms outstretched. Said to indicate a suspicious and cynical personality.

Source: BBC. Similar theories can be found here, here and here.

Having said all that, based on the fact that my sleeping position changes so often (fetal... soldier... freefall...), I can't say this rings true to me. What I am almost certain of, however, is that it is linked to my sense of security, and when I sleep on my tummy or my side, I usually sleep better at night.

But is it the position that does it or the state of mind I go to sleep in (which in turn allows me to sleep a certain way)? For example, I tend to sleep on my back when I'm tense and fall asleep with a dozen things running through my mind. It's almost a 'chicken vs egg' situation!

Anyway, if any of you are having trouble sleeping and/or getting up in the morning, check this out!

sweet dreams! cgw

Omigod You Guys

We'd heard very good reviews, so last night we made our way into London to watch Legally Blonde (the musical). It really did deserve the raving reviews. Sheridan Smith was fantastic, and "Duncan-from-Blue"'s voice was always going to be pretty easy on the ears (not to mention the eye candy), and of course there were the dogs! And I dare you to watch it and not come out singing Omigod You Guys... it's stuck in my head again just having looked up that little clip to share with you...!

I can never have enough of feel-good musicals :)

Before the show, we stopped by Subway to get a sandwich. After we'd eaten and were about to make our way to the theatre, a mouse was spotted by another customer. We assumed it'd come in from the street - the door being left open made it quite easy for that to happen. But the lady who spotted it went on about how it's "ruined her dining experience" and her date/husband/partner demanded their money back, face so long it may well have been nailed to the ground. A group of students quickly followed suit and demanded their money back too, twats that they were...

Now don't get me wrong: I agree that it's not exactly great to spot a mouse in any sort of eatery. No, my point is this: who exactly goes to Subway for the dining experience? Would you like a bottle of Pernod-Ricard Perrier-Jouet with your £1.99 Sub of the Day? o_O

I didn't eat any mouse poo, cgw


There's been a reason I've been quiet this week... it was my last week at work and I have been pretty upset about it. Of course I knew it was coming and although I thought that would make it easier, it didn't really. Saying bye was a pretty tough thing to do - it may only have been a few months but there were some growing friendships there, and it's hard knowing you're cutting things short. Not to mention the fact that I loved the job itself, and it's very rare that one finds a job that ticks so many boxes and you don't ever experience a morning when you wake up and dread going in to work.

And so it ended. And it will be greatly missed.

Just look at the beautiful flowers I was given.


P.S. Have a giggle over at The Solo Photo :)

to the future, cgw


David and I spent a night at a spa hotel in Ashford this weekend. It was a delayed anniversary gift from the in-laws. It was really lovely just being able to spend a couple of days relaxing and not having to rush around doing housework or run errands etc.

We had a facial and a massage each and spent the rest of Saturday afternoon chilling out in the pool and the jacuzzi. Dinner was superb, as was our suite!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too! ♥

A few snapshots from yesterday... and yes - curls!


PS I've revived The Solo Photo... but with a weekly photo instead of a daily one. take a look!

x cgw

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