Literary Advent

Selfishly, I didn't want the children having a daily chocolate throughout Advent. There's enough excitement bubbling over from seeing the tree and decorations every morning, I didn't want to add caffeine to it.

So I bought and wrapped up a whole bunch of Christmas and Winter-related books for them. Threw in a couple of Christmas DVDs too to keep it different. They open one a day and get that book read to them at bedtime - or whenever else they feel like it.

A few of the titles:
Russell's Christmas Magic
How Many Sleeps till Christmas?
The Christmas Show
Father Christmas Needs to Wee
Peppa's Christmas Wish
Jesus' Christmas Party
The Smelly Sprout


We had some fun with shaving foam the other day. Adam wasn't too sure at first (he's going through that "can't have messy hands" phase) but Emily loved it, she spent an hour "washing" everything in the garden with the foam - including herself.

I love that the weather is now finally cool enough to enjoy the outdoors. The garden is seeing plenty of action, as are the parks and sandpits (and yes, I still hate sand). Ironically, now that the weather is probably perfect for swimming, we haven't been to the pool in weeks. I guess I'm in Wannabe Winter mode, even if it is really equivalent to a British Heatwave.

Watching Emily and Adam play together has become fantastic. Now that he's talking so much, I guess she feels that she can now communicate with him better, he's reached a new level and they do play together so well. There's also a lot of affection between them, they often sit on the sofa watching Frozen together (they both love it), arms around each other, snuggled up.

A few short months ago I remember wondering whether having two children really would get any easier. And then it did.

Trick or Treat!

It was our first "proper" Halloween this year. We have of course dressed up before [2011, 2012, 2013], and we usually throw a party, but we have never had the opportunity to go out trick or treating. This year, knowing Dubai is quite big on Halloween, we got together with some neighbourhood friends and joined the other children on the streets.

We were out for close to two hours and had an absolute blast. By the end of it, both kids were begging to go home - they'd walked so far and their bags were heavy and they wanted to sleep. Ha. Win!

Sadly, we didn't end up organising a party but we are already talking about next Halloween, and there will be a party and definitely more trick or treating!

Meet Luna

So we did adopt a cat. A cat called Goldie, who is now called Luna. She is just over a year old and was found on a construction site a few months ago, along with her litter of five kittens - who were almost as big as she was. She was in a bad state, a bag of bones, dehydrated, and her lower half was covered in blue paint.

After two days in the veterinary hospital, a woman called Sarah took her home and brought her back to health, and then found her a home. Us.

Having now been with us for about a month, Luna has mostly settled in and is even coming to terms with The Toddler. He adores her, but is too often forceful and over-eager. He'll learn, one day. She hates being away from us and waits behind the door when we are out!

If you are interested in adopting a cat in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, have a look at The Bin Kitty Collective, which is where we found Luna. It's a great group of people who work very hard to look after and home local kitties. 

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